Northern Shaolin Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu


The Praying Mantis system contains extremely rapid movements and is a tenacious and effective fighting system. It contains the duality of hard and soft energies designed to develop inner strength known as Chi. We develop your strength, flexibility, discipline and self-awareness through authentic Chinese exercises that have been practiced for generations. Emphasis is placed on the philosophies, history, principles, and the education and understanding of Kung Fu while attaining the highest of virtues.

Discover empty hand forms, weaponry, and Chin-Na. Chin-Na is the art of seizing and grappling, including joint locks, holds, escapes, pressure points, submissions and throws. Forms are a series of movements strung together in sequence. Learning and practicing forms are critical for any martial artist as they have so many benefits, from simply improving and maintaining good health, to actual martial application and self defense.

Initially, basic techniques are taught such as stances, blocks, and strikes. Once a firm grasp of the basics have been attained, you will start learning traditional forms, both empty hand and weapon. In addition, there are many other exercises included in the training geared toward challenging the practitioner both mentally and physically. You will practice in groups, pairs, and individually, depending on the particular exercise. Lastly, heavy contact is not part of these classes, therefore fighting gear such as gloves, padding, and mouth guards are not needed.

Class Schedule & Location


1106 Dearness Dr. Unit 5b London, On




Monday & Thursday evenings.
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New members with no martial arts experience are always welcome. Please use the contact form below to let us know if you would like to join us.

New members: First week is free, first month is $30.

School Dues

  • $68/month
  • $33.90/year (insurance)

Additional Information

We practice 7-Star Praying Mantis Kung-Fu and we focus on traditional forms (open-hand and weapons) along with grappling and boxing applications. We are a satellite school from the original one in Windsor (http://wushenkungfuacademy.org/#map) where Sifu Derek began his training in 2004.

Our classes always start with some static and dynamic warm up exercises that build strength, coordination, and flexibility, for the first 30 minutes. The remaining time focuses on kung fu techniques, drills, forms, etc. Like any school, new comers will start learning the basics of the system.  We build on these basics at the pace of each individual student.

What to bring to your first class:

  • loose fitting exercise clothes (preferably black)
  • water
  • wrestling shoes (can also train with just socks)

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